Sai University (SaiU), India’s youngest University, was established with the purpose of equipping students with advanced skills to prepare them for the present and the future. Combining the academic rigour of traditional learning models with the pace and disruptive potential of technology, SaiU aims to accelerate pedagogic innovation and usher in a new era of learning in India. At SaiU, we are committed to creating a high-quality educational environment where individuals learn to think out of the box, collaborate effectively and assimilate perspectives from around the world in their working lives.

Democratize the creation of big ideas
Promote collaboration while nurturing individuality
Foster a culture of togetherness within the institution
Break from convention to liberate creativity
Freedom to learn from multiple disciplines
Invest in modern research centers
Buzz at SaiU
Does writing intrigue and inspire you? Do you enjoy writing on things that matter to you? At SaiU, we lay immense focus on writing, both expository and creative. It is an integral part of our foundation courses which will not only help a student become better writers but also good overall communicators. At this juncture, SaiU is proud to present a platform - The Written Word - for students to pen their views. 'The Written Word' is an essay writing competition for students from classes 2 to 12. We strongly believe that essay writing helps one organize thoughts, summon evidence, entertain counter-arguments, critique alternative views after doing justice to them, and present thoughts in a succinct manner, all of which are crucial life skills for every young student.
All participants will be divided into three groups based on the classes they are in. The competition will be in English. Get ready ad prepare yourselves for an exciting contest. Click here to participate :