Sai University


Sai University (SaiU), a private university in Chennai, aims to integrate learning, research, employability, and societal duties into our interdisciplinary programs. Our students can design personalized programs with customized curricula and acquire the skill sets unique to the career they desire to pursue.

A global university that offers liberal arts and sciences, computing and data science, and law programs on par with some of the finest universities in India and abroad, SaiU was founded by Mr. K.V. Ramani, a successful Chennai-based telecom software entrepreneur.

Our leadership team includes experts from every discipline and every corner of the globe. They are responsible for setting strategies and overseeing all the aspects of our operations to help us achieve our goals and objectives. They always place our students and staff at the heart of everything and work together to further our mission and vision, support the staff and faculty, and create a culture that fosters collaboration, teamwork, and excellence.

Sai University is a global university in an Indian context. Our International Advisory Board consists of educators and thought leaders from across the world who come from premier institutions such as Harvard, Nickelodeon, Australian National University (ANU), Paris College of Art, US National Science Board, Stanford, Dartmouth, and the University of California.

Democratize the creation of big ideas
Promote collaboration while nurturing individuality
Foster a culture of togetherness within the institution
Break from convention to liberate creativity
Freedom to learn from multiple disciplines
Invest in modern research centers