Our primary focus is to develop highly qualified computing and data analytics professionals who drive innovation and organizational success.

Computer science and data science are no longer just disciplines - they teach in-demand skills and offer hands-on experience through industry-relevant technologies, methods, and data sets to solve real-world problems.

At SaiU, students will gain an in-depth understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects of Computing and Data Science. The program will help students gain:

  • Analytical and computational skills.
  • Foundational knowledge and training in data analysis, machine learning, and software engineering.
  • The ability to understand, manage, and analyze large data sets.
  • The knowledge to use data science to advance their careers, and the skills to tackle real-world issues around online security and privacy.
A Glimpse of the School of Computing and Data Science
The SaiU Edge
Democratize the creation of big ideas
Promote collaboration while nurturing individuality
Foster a culture of togetherness within the institution
Break from convention to liberate creativity
Freedom to learn from multiple disciplines
Invest in modern research centers
 Steps to follow


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    Applicants are encouraged to use Sai University Query Management System, rather than emailing, to get a quick response.
    1. Register and verify your email ID.
    2. Click on [Any Queries? Ask US] in your dashboard.
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